Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko

In Japan, the price of Crested Gecko has come down and it has become a pet gecko that has completely divided its popularity between Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko.
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Japanese traditional design work

This is a cutting sticker I made.
I designed a rhombus crest with a motif of a rare plant and lettered it in Kantei-ryu typeface.
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“tiger and dragon” Japanese pattern guitar picks!

I collaborated with Shimamura Gakki and drew two kinds of guitar picks!
The artwork is “tiger and dragon” Japanese pattern picks! They will be available at Shimamura Gakki’s guitar stores!
Shimamura Gakki store is tax free shop.
PLS buying!


tiger vs dragon position.
DRAGON Procreate drawing UKIYOE
I started YouTube channel.
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tropical fish SENJA-FUDA

I designed a Senja-fuda, a Japanese nameplate with tropical fish on it.
Senja-fuda is a traditional Japanese name sticker.


I wrote the name of a kind of fish called “Tetra” in guessed letters. And I drew each characteristic pattern of the body.
Can you guess what kind of fish it is?

New favicon design!

I made new favicon in this site!
Be alittle pop design then yesterday.