Japanese dragon

About Keyboard and Dragon

Recently, I have become a keyboard geek.
The trigger was that the notebook PC presented to me at work in July 2022 had a US layout. I was confused because I had to use Adobe and c4d in different positions on my desktop and laptop.

In April of this year, I said, ‘Let’s buy one!’ I decided to buy one.

However, the US layout of this laptop had keys that were slightly jammed together. It is also confusing to me if the keys are in different positions on the desktop and laptop. I had to search for a keyboard with the same key layout.

…All of these keyboards were expensive.

After researching Logitech,DrunkDeer,Lofree FLOW,Keychron,NuPhy,75% or 96% etc., the result was that I chose the NuPhy Air 96 V2 keyboard. (more…)


Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko

In Japan, the price of Crested Gecko has come down and it has become a pet gecko that has completely divided its popularity between Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko.

“tiger and dragon” Japanese pattern guitar picks!

I collaborated with Shimamura Gakki and drew two kinds of guitar picks!
The artwork is “tiger and dragon” Japanese pattern picks! They will be available at Shimamura Gakki’s guitar stores!
Shimamura Gakki store is tax free shop.
PLS buying!


tiger vs dragon position.
DRAGON Procreate drawing UKIYOE
I started YouTube channel.
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Gold fish EDO NISHIKI and Tiger pattern dragon UKIYOE

I was impressed when I found a goldfish called Edo Nishiki at a tropical fish shop. The type of pattern is said to be “tiger pattern”. It is a dragon with a tiger pattern.

Thanks watching!

Suika Game Junkie

…like Arcimboldo.

I can’t double suika.
I am not achieve 3500 point.
…I’ve been playing this game for a month, almost all the time except for work hours.
The creators of the world write daily about their frustrations with X and generative AI, but I complain about fruit every day.