New favicon design!

I made new favicon in this site!
Be alittle pop design then yesterday.

My feeling about X(Twitter).

X (Twitter) was experiencing user retention and expansion due to the previous management’s idea of ‘messing up the TL order to play with trends and promote fights’.

Next, when Elon Musk pardoned and reinstated the accounts of Alternative Right, advertisers pulled their ads. This exposed the fact that social networking sites that depend on advertising revenue are controlled by the wishes of advertisers.

The cash-strapped centralized SNSs started subscriber businesses using monetization as a substitute for reduced advertising revenue, exposing the fact that “even spam aimed at the number of impressions can be more precious than the usability of unpaid users and all users.

Conflicts based on ideology and taste continue to occur to this day, and the fact that only the greatest common denominator of expression is allowed on a centralized SNS is exposed every day as numerous users’ accounts are deleted.

In other words, the freedom of users to customize the information they view and to say what they like is no longer possible in such places.

Gold fish EDO NISHIKI and Tiger pattern dragon UKIYOE

I was impressed when I found a goldfish called Edo Nishiki at a tropical fish shop. The type of pattern is said to be “tiger pattern”. It is a dragon with a tiger pattern.

Thanks watching!

Suika Game Junkie

…like Arcimboldo.

I can’t double suika.
I am not achieve 3500 point.
…I’ve been playing this game for a month, almost all the time except for work hours.
The creators of the world write daily about their frustrations with X and generative AI, but I complain about fruit every day.
DRAGON Procreate drawing UKIYOE
I started YouTube channel.
Please subscribe and good button.


Hi there.
This site is now ActivityPub compliant.
It’s been a while since I’ve coded to organize the outdated information on the site, but my hands remember surprisingly well.
However, since I was working on a laptop with US layout that was given to me by Intel, the keys in my old memory were not in the same place, and I made a lot of typos there…you know. Human memory is a terrible thing.
I hope you like to read it as much as you like, because it is not so different from FANBOX in terms of updated contents.
Long live the Fediverse!