5 minutes to 10 minutes from the live stream is started there are times when this status is not switched.


”Fall in love with the game” The Artist Series in Intel Gaming

I had the honor of working with Intel.
Pre oder

Tiger vs Dragon UKIYO-E

tiger_dragon1024 An illustration of Tiger vs Dragon was completed.
It took effort with a conventional Artwork most. The original Artwork is more attractive.

Crap remake 2011

This is golden crap.
I didn’t used a gold color. But look like golden crap.
If you click “more”, You can see the finish artwork. (more…)

Koi! Knife! rough sketch!

imageimage I noticed that my interest moved from “traditional gallantness” to “the plural intention in the screen”.
Tiger vs Dragon became BYO-BU-E print.
My Art became BYO-BU-E print.
This products made by Tokyo anilab.
If you want this products, please contact to me.
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betta_quo80 I’m come back!
These fish inhabit the Thai Mekong.