5 minutes to 10 minutes from the live stream is started there are times when this status is not switched.


Tiger vs Dragon UKIYO-E

tiger_dragon1024 An illustration of Tiger vs Dragon was completed.
It took effort with a conventional Artwork most. The original Artwork is more attractive.

Crap remake 2011

This is golden crap.
I didn’t used a gold color. But look like golden crap.
If you click “more”, You can see the finish artwork. (more…)

Koi! Knife! rough sketch!

imageimage I noticed that my interest moved from “traditional gallantness” to “the plural intention in the screen”.
Tiger vs Dragon became BYO-BU-E print.
My Art became BYO-BU-E print.
This products made by Tokyo anilab.
If you want this products, please contact to me.
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betta_quo80 I’m come back!
These fish inhabit the Thai Mekong.



20121031-030627.jpg だいたい5時間睡眠で行けば終わる計算。いっつもギリギリで生きてます。