tropical fish SENJA-FUDA

I designed a Senja-fuda, a Japanese nameplate with tropical fish on it.
Senja-fuda is a traditional Japanese name sticker.


I wrote the name of a kind of fish called “Tetra” in guessed letters. And I drew each characteristic pattern of the body.
Can you guess what kind of fish it is?

Dragon fish Digi-UKIYOE

I painted new Digi-UKIYOE. Dragon fish. Like surfing paddling:) Koi fish become a dragon.

Blue Fin Pleco Dragon

There is a legend that the carp will be a dragon.

I considered.
Isn’t other fish also becoming dragons?​​​​​​​
DRAGON Procreate drawing UKIYOE
I started YouTube channel.
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Corydoras dragon dream

I painted corydoras the UKIYO-E style for 5th May.
5th May is children’s day. It is the holiday.
It is also called 端午の節句(TANGO NO SEKKU) in Japanese. It is a day to pray for boys’ healthy growth.


He dreams of his own growing appearance.
Therefore, I drew a dragon like him.


Corydoras is one type of catfish.
It is the carp what is to be a dragon. But he might become a Dragon.


Title design.

Thank you!

Aquarium&Reptile 2017 latter half

I made short movie used a iMovie.

60cm height type water tank

I’m enjoy this water tank for over one year.
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