Japanese dragon

catfish and dragon -Relations of a catfish and the earthquake-

namazu3 Four years passed from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The time passes without mercy.
When an earthquake took place in Edo period, there was the culture painting the picture of the catfish by ukiyoe painter.
So I painted the picture of the catfish too.

dragon hand parts

scst2015-03-01-03-18-37-416 A part of the hand was made. (more…)

DIGITAL ART PROJECT 002 japanese tattoo baby dragon

dh2 DIGITAL ART PROJECT 002 is a dragon.
However, the photograph is afraid of a face than the last snake.

Cloud and dragon

雲龍図 2015年2月4日完成の雲龍図画像 It is the picture of the dragon of a nostalgic atmosphere. Left upper “圖” in an image is old character style of “図”.
DRAGON Procreate drawing UKIYOE
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japanese ink painting dragon finished.

水墨画 龍 2015年3匹目完成画像 I finished the third dragon of 2015. This Dragon is Japanese ink painting. It is too interesting to draw the ink painting.Japanese paper seems ink like best in the paint.
This picture I use to iPhone6 ​​case design. The long side is 17cm.