Japanese dragon

Daruma dragon work in progress 2

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龍の達磨画像 Work In Progress
I’m mixing Dragon and DARUMA.
DARUMA illustration is very difficult.This is the middle existence of a character and the picture. The expression of the line is almost calligraphy.

Fun I old words.


At first there is news.
I updated SHOP page. Fire pattern sticker of Japan ver.White is a shipment start at the end of August. Besides, I am making plural product pages now.
Then, I can purchase clothes and a case in Japan and want to do it.
My product sold well abroad this month last month.
As a result, I was able to make money in dollars.
However, a fee to change the dollar for Japanese yen was higher than expected.
It is still impossible.
In other words, I should do business in the same way in Japan.
Then it is the main subject from next.
DRAGON Procreate drawing UKIYOE
I started YouTube channel.
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和柄デザイン 雲龍圖 黒龍 天道 -cloud dragon-

Because I bought the printer with the A3 scan function, I can just scan stimulating composition than before.

When you click “more”, a product comes out.




I scanned 応龍図-WING DRAGON- which I produced before and reconstituted it as a design.
In Behance, I had the evaluation that I was very thankful for the other day. I was very glad. I when I write a Japanese painting am the man who is very stubborn, and is troublesome. However, I think that the way of life was enough when I can have such an evaluation. (more…)