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Japanese color ink painting

Hawkgirl and Dr.Medusa UKIYO-E Style

hawkgirl_rgb_1024medusa_rgb_1024I painted Hawkgirl & Dr.Medusa. They are DC comic character. (more…)

DC comic character Medusa and Hawkgirl UKIYO-E ver. rough sketch

image These are DC comic character Medusa and Hawkgirl UKIYO-E ver. rough sketch!

Wait until completion a little more.

Tiger vs Dragon UKIYO-E

tiger_dragon1024 An illustration of Tiger vs Dragon was completed.
It took effort with a conventional Artwork most. The original Artwork is more attractive.
Tiger vs Dragon became BYO-BU-E print.
My Art became BYO-BU-E print.
This products made by Tokyo anilab.
If you want this products, please contact to me.
More Detail

Dragon vs Tiger WIP gradation work

d_t_wis1A big earthquake was generated in Kumamoto. Very sad.
I think that it is a foul to take place consecutively twice. The place where I lived did not shake at all.
However, I became scared.
I fixed the furniture of the room to the wall with a screw the next day.

Then about an image. (more…)


tigerface_w1023 nami kumo hige Gradation was the most difficult in the picture which I painted with so far.
Tiger’s whiskers neighborhood of the tiger is complicated.
I am separated from an ideal instantly if I get a wrong turn and area to apply a color.
I place a making film in read more. (more…)