There is a legend that the carp will be a dragon.

I considered.
Isn’t other fish also becoming dragons?​​​​​​​

Blue Fin Pleco fish in My Aquarium.

Blue fin pleco live in River Orinoco. They have an beautiful color and beautiful spotted, beautiful fin. Also, I think so cute the his eyes.

Color scheme

The Orinoco River is located in Colombia and Venezuela.
I wanted to use blue, red and yellow.

Rough Sketch

When I drew this, I did not buy the iPad Pro yet, so I used a pencil to draw normally.

Line Work and Drop shadow

Blue Scales

Earnestly draw the scales. I avoid drawing white dots.

Blue Fin

I mixed the glitter with blue gradation.

Red Subject and Fire

Those Kanji are meaning “Blue fin Dragon”.

Stomach. gradation of Yellow, Orange, Red.

I finished in a cheerful color the image of South America.

Thank you watching!!