spotted gar rough sketch

Do you know Garpaic?
Because it is an American fish, everyone may be detailed.

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In Japan, there are an increasing number of television programs with exotic biological control.

Because of annoying human beings releasing Gapaik to the Japanese river, from February of next year Japan’s legislation makes it impossible to keep garbag new.
I bought it before that.

I wanted to draw a spotted gar.

This is a sketch. I have not decided the final size yet, but I draw about 2 more.
What I bought was a type of Garpaic called Spotted Gar.
I like to draw and see many spot
Actually I became a fan of “ancient biology book” at childhood.

I am addicted now I am addicted again.

I also want to collect illustrations.

Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri

I was started breeding endlicheri.(`・ω・´)
Short body & long dorsal fin(`・ω・´)y

900mm Aquarium tank and rainbow snake head .

This movie is poor at taking, please forgive me.
It is big anyway. It is hard to pour water into it. I took a bucket and went back and forth between aquarium tank and bathroom many times.
img_2402 It is a tank set of Japanese domestic manufacturer named KOTOBUKI. (more…)

He was hated.



DRAGON Procreate drawing UKIYOE
I started YouTube channel.
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Spotted garden eel’s day

1111 Today is Spotted garden eel Day.
Because,11/11 is similar to Spotted garden eel.