The rainy season 12 years ago.
I saw Neon Genesis Evangelion.
The times setting of this animation is this year. In other words, it was 2015.
A geek was born before a screen when I finished seeing Episode 1.

12 years ago I concentrated on it for the first time on that day, and saw animation. I assorted 2015 in a genre of the SF. The United States started legislation of the drone delivery this year. The test flight of the flying car was carried out.
It was considerably different from the animated cartoon in this way for real 2,015 years.
However, the public telephone disappeared. There is not the person listening to music from cassette Walkman in a train. When I tell me 12 years ago it when I can do all things from a cell-phone, I will assort it in a genre of the SF in the same way.
I do not see TV animated cartoon for three years.
When I tell oneself crazy about Neon Genesis Evangelion at the time about this fact, this will be assorted in SF, too.
2015 when I saw it in a dream is over while thinking of such a thing. The future when I have not imagined it at all at the same time in the life begins soon.