I received the Cloud Dragon mouse pad.
Very beautiful printing.

Cloud Dragon mouse pad
size: 240mm x 200mm
Material: Cloth + Rubber

There are many types of mouse pad materials, but I definitely preferred this cushioned type.

I was blurting out on social media, “I must make the lines much, much thicker than I usually do in my Artwork! I blurted out on social networking sites. That’s because of the printing on this unique fabric.

My experience with Intel Gaming and ShivDragon, where I did the artwork for their deskmats and playmats, is used in this mousepad!

The yellow and vermilion printing is also very nice.
This mousepad fits NuPhy keyboards.

The gray lines on the tail fins are nicely printed and the black background color is rich black.

The only thing is that a few vertical lines of the signature were crushed.
However, my data was not good. When I created this seal data, I changed the thickness too much in order to give it a taste.

If I had changed the line of the seal, it would have looked like a lie, and I have many pictures that have been stamped with this much grainy impression, so it’s totally acceptable!


This one will certainly be one of the best buys of the year, along with NuPhy, which I updated last time!
I’ve already printed a few copies this time and will post them in my store later!