Recently, I have become a keyboard geek.
The trigger was that the notebook PC presented to me at work in July 2022 had a US layout. I was confused because I had to use Adobe and c4d in different positions on my desktop and laptop.

In April of this year, I said, ‘Let’s buy one!’ I decided to buy one.

However, the US layout of this laptop had keys that were slightly jammed together. It is also confusing to me if the keys are in different positions on the desktop and laptop. I had to search for a keyboard with the same key layout.

…All of these keyboards were expensive.

After researching Logitech,DrunkDeer,Lofree FLOW,Keychron,NuPhy,75% or 96% etc., the result was that I chose the NuPhy Air 96 V2 keyboard.

Privately imported.

I imported a keyboard and two types of keycaps!
The most decisive factor for me to buy NuPhy is this weird color that doesn’t look like a keyboard!
Isn’t it cute and looks like a toy?

Let’s make a mousepad that fits my keyboard!

Dragon and cloud design
I tried to match the colors roughly as I plan to replace the white keycaps with letter and number keys and the black keycaps with symbols and decorative keys.

If I drew it in the usual Japanese pattern, I could hear the sound of a shakuhachi and shamisen, so I adjusted the lines and composition to fit the pop atmosphere of the keyboard.

I didn’t want to put the mouse directly on the dragon. Because he is a god in our country. I thought, ‘OK if I stroke him through the clouds,’ and came up with this design.

Everything is fine except that A4 was printed in A5 by mistake.

So I will order the real thing soon and see what happens!


Super good purchase! Super satisfied!

At first I thought, ‘How can a keyboard cost 20,000? I don’t care how the keys feel. However, my opinion changed 180 degrees the moment I received it and pressed down on the keys.

I should have bought Wisteria too.
I also have an ambition to make simple original keycaps with Japanese patterns using acrylic medium and mineral pigments.

Currently, my YouTube recommendations are all related to homemade keyboards and keycap painting, and the ESC key looks like Fuji, all the keys have cat ears, the number keys look like mahjong tiles, etc. It all looks really interesting.