Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko

In Japan, the price of Crested Gecko has come down and it has become a pet gecko that has completely divided its popularity between Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko.

Japanese traditional design work

This is a cutting sticker I made.
I designed a rhombus crest with a motif of a rare plant and lettered it in Kantei-ryu typeface.

Gargoyle gecko came to my house.

I think…I am buying new gecko evry year.
I think…I am buying new gecko evry year.
This gecko’s name MORIFUJI ICHIBISAI (一尾斎守藤).

I got one character from YOSHIFUJI UTAGAWA(歌川芳藤).

YOSHIFUJI UTAGAWA was Toy illustrator in Edo.


Snake eat Gecko

I have two geckos. But I also like snakes!!