This is a cutting sticker I made.
I designed a rhombus crest with a motif of a rare plant and lettered it in Kantei-ryu typeface.

Design with Procreate

I loaded the rough sketch directly into Illustrator and it failed. So, I decided to make a clean sketch.

Bezierizing a design using illustrator

Adobe has been very enthusiastic about generative AI development lately, but there has not been much evolution in image bezierizing. There is no thought behind the anchor point.

Therefore, edit the usable paths while reducing anchor points, and redraw the paths where they are not usable.

cutting plotter

Let’s OUT PUT!


The settings of the plotter blade and the details of the rhombus pattern are too peaky.
We are struggling while analyzing the cause of each failed part.
…Never give up!

Remove unwanted portions of cutting film

Failure here causes a great deal of mental anguish.
Furthermore, this process must be measured with a stopwatch and reflected in the sales price, so it is not possible to be too careful.
Above all, it is tiring for the eyes and back. When I was peeling the base of the leaf, I thought, “God, please give me more arms!” I thought.


Pachypodium diamond shape

Platycerium diamond shape

Platycerium KANTEIRYU

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