5 minutes to 10 minutes from the live stream is started there are times when this status is not switched.


I make collaboration skull art with deanist .

skull_black_tw I modeled 3D skull.
The Deanist is in charge of texturing. He has a fan more than 6,000 people in instagram. He draws a skull and an owl, a tiger, hannya beautifully. And it is colorful.
After uploading Japanese tattoo snake and Chrysanthemum 99 Frames, he commented. I was really glad.


Japanese tattoo snake and Chrysanthemum 99 Frames

An impression: The digital art that was many high qualities was shown. I participated in this festival with “the work of the small snake”.

dragon hand parts

scst2015-03-01-03-18-37-416 A part of the hand was made. (more…)
Tiger vs Dragon became BYO-BU-E print.
My Art became BYO-BU-E print.
This products made by Tokyo anilab.
If you want this products, please contact to me.
More Detail

DIGITAL ART PROJECT 002 japanese tattoo baby dragon

dh2 DIGITAL ART PROJECT 002 is a dragon.
However, the photograph is afraid of a face than the last snake.