I think that you are cool if I draw the fire of the Japanese style on the motorcycle.

Because I felt so it, I described this painting this time. I make a waterproofing sticker with this picture. There are several colors of color variations.

I failed four times this time.

Please see this.
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Paper is full of fingerprints for some reason. It is not my fingerprint. This is because I wear rubber gloves when I describe a painting.
I cannot describe a small part in this at all.
It is a loss of 4,000 yen.It is a loss of 4,000 yen.

I do instagram.

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kota_nakatsuboさん(@kota_nakatsubo)が投稿した写真 –

I have not so yet posted it, but intend to post production processes here in future.
fire pattern sticker of japan White fire pattern sticker of japan

Today’s water tank.

GHD seems to die.
Japan was very hot today. It may be a cause.
Similarly the situation that might be caused by it happened.
Two female fish became male.
There are many mysterious things.