I made short movie used a iMovie.

60cm height type water tank

I’m enjoy this water tank for over one year.

90cm water tank

Once I was busy with my work, the color of the water turned green. I put TANISHI in the aquarium and did not turn on the LED light for two weeks.

60cm water tank in snake head1

There is no photo. It’s quite a fight. He even kills shellfish of moss cleaning.

60cm water tank in snake head1

I bought an impulse because this color was beautiful for this fish. However, because the blending was difficult, I made a new aquarium.

45㎝ Co,GHDー water tank

日々 #アクアリウム

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Although it is the cleanest aquarium, I plan to reset this.

40cm salamander water tank

I was used for planting aquatic plants, but I reconstructed it using driftwood etc. once again.

3045 crested gecko cage

He grew very much. I want to make vivarium in this aquarium. However, there are still only Potos and moss.

30cm slim leopard geckos cage

A little old photo. grown. After all he was hypomelanic.