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Japanese marsh shrimp × 10 came to my house!

Having taken place with a 60cm high type water tank

1. A fish is born in a water tank

2. I cannot clean the bottom with a professional hose

3. Moss grows

4. I scoop a fish with a net to move it to a different water tank because I was brought up

5. In addition, a fish is born

6.I return to 2

7.I repeat approximately three times of flows to 6

8. Glossostigma of the anteversion grass cannot recover with moss

9. I change the anteversion grass to the Cuban pearl glass

10. The Cuban pearl glass is pulled up immediately by prawns and a fish, and a plan comes to a deadlock

11. While I am troubled to various moss, I make up my mind to plant Glossostigma once again ← Now here

They eat from a place that is not too much moss.


Like when I draw a Dragon, it seems to put off the long line.