A Happy New Year!
I painted lion. This lion is called a guardian dog in Japan.
The zodiac sign of next year is 戌.
戌 is a dog.
The lion is a feline. But in Japan’s traditional culture it is a guardian dog.

My shop of the Aqualium.

New Year ‘s cards in this year draw a line drawing with a brush and the rest with a personal computer.
I will change the kanji held by the lion, I will delete “Heisei 30 years” in the upper right and use it for various things.
A lion painted on the gold eye sometimes appears. Like omikukuji.
I wish for your good luck this year too.(`・ω・´)シ

Aspire of 2017

1.Make multiple movies with Japanese Tattoo Baby Dragon as the main character.
2.I draw over 20 dragons.

3.Production of monochromatic art work that can be used for silk screen printing.
4.Return the weight to 65 kg.

m(_ _)m