I made your face of demon for Setsubun.

Many aspects of demon are cute. Is it because it is for children? can not forgive! So I made a headgear of scary demon!

Deamon face “SYUTEN-DOUJI”

I painted Deamon face “SYUTEN-DOUJI”.
This paint is Digital painting for Photoshop.
I could not stop coughing from the beginning of October, and I was diagnosed with asthma two weeks ago. “Side tremors of hands” are side effects of prescription drugs.
It is no good at all.

Elf fire caught fire.

It is the beginning of “HYAKKI-YAKOU” legend.
I will give the production request of the sticker to the print company tomorrow.
You can buy each product including a T-shirt and the case in society6 and redbubble from tomorrow. (more…)

A Demon face

oni3 It is traditional end of winter on February 3. We exterminate demon with a bean.
But,I like demon…